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Square Sauna – 2.7m Length


Sauna Options

  • Diameter *

  • Timber Options 1800mm *

  • Timber Options 2100mm *

  • Heater *

  • Door Option 1800mm *

  • Door Option 2100mm *

  • Double Deck Red Cedar (1800mm) *

  • Double Deck Red Cedar (2100mm) *

  • Double Deck Thermo Pine (1800mm) *

  • Double Deck Thermo Pine (2100mm) *

  • Double Deck Thermo Hemlock (1800mm) *

  • Double Deck Thermo Hemlock (2100mm) *

  • Changing Room Red Cedar (1800mm) *

  • Changing Room Red Cedar (2100mm) *

  • Changing Room Thermo Hemlock (1800mm) *

  • Changing Room Thermo Hemlock (2100mm) *

  • Changing Room Thermo Pine (1800mm) *

  • Changing Room Thermo Pine (2100mm) *

  • Larger Windows (1800mm dia.) *

  • Larger Windows (2100mm dia.) *

  • Shingle Roof (1800mm) *

  • Shingle Roof (2100mm) *

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Step into the cozy embrace of warmth and tranquility with our premier Square Timber Sauna. Expertly crafted to seamlessly integrate with your outdoor or indoor spaces, this sauna goes beyond relaxation – it’s your personal retreat of pure rejuvenation.

Key Features & Highlights:

🔹 Customisable Sizes: Catering to all your relaxation needs, our Square Timber Sauna offers various lengths, starting from 1.2m and extending up to 2.7m. Tailor your choice between diameters of 1.8m (with a max length of 2.7m) or the more expansive 2.1m (stretching up to a max length of 2.7m).

🔹 Wood Selections: Personalize your sauna space by choosing from three distinct wood types. Whether it’s the vibrant allure of Red Cedar, the classic touch of Thermo Hemlock, or the rustic feel of Thermo Pine, there’s a finish tailored for every discerning taste.

🔹 Bespoke Add-Ons: Your sauna should resonate with your style. Elevate your experience with:

  • Viewing Port Option: A glimpse of the outdoors without sacrificing seclusion.
  • Timber Door Option: Enhance the entrance with a touch of tradition.
  • Custom Chairs: Designed ergonomically for unparalleled comfort.
  • Double Decked Option: More space, more options, more relaxation.
  • Heater Choices: A curated range to ensure the ideal temperature and ambience for your sessions.

Benefits of the Square Timber Sauna:

Beyond the allure of its design, immerse in the plethora of health advantages that regular sauna sessions offer. From boosting circulation and detoxifying your body to rejuvenating the skin and melting away stress, the Square Timber Sauna promises a holistic wellness upgrade.

In Conclusion:

Our Square Timber Sauna is a harmonious blend of design elegance and optimum functionality. Every facet is meticulously crafted, ensuring it stands as both a centerpiece and a sanctuary in your chosen space.

Experience relaxation redefined. Dive into serenity with the Square Timber Sauna. Reach out and start your customisation journey with us today.


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Sauna FAQ's

The guarantee of sauna body and electric appliance are different. Sauna body have a three-five years guarantee; Wood burning sauna heaters and electrical heater have a one-year guarantee.

Our sauna room will be splitted in portions and then packed with wooden carton which is sea-worthy and can help to protect the item strongly even though in bad weather.

Our sauna accessories with more than 250 types of choice, like 3-30L wooden sauna buckets, 5-7L aluminum sauna bucket, Plastic sauna bucket, 28-52CM wooden and stainless steel ladles, wooden and aluminium/stainless steel cover thermometers & hygrometers, various kinds of sauna sand hourglass, Pillow, backrest, Lampshade etc products. And there are spruce, red cedar, hemlock, aspen etc various kind of material are available. 

The quotation of our indoor barrel sauna room is including barrel sauna, foundation, sauna door, seat, guard bar, hanger, cup holder, footstep, headrest 1pcs, harvia sauna heater, sauna bucket, ladle, sand timer, thermometer and hygrometer, stainless, steel aroma cup, fragrance oil, sauna panel etc completely luxury sets, Waterproof shingle extra if need.

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